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 In sum, policymakers in some Western countries should pull their heads out of the sand to find better answers to their long-standing socio-economic problems and stay open-minded. This may not be easy, but it is necessary.

 抗议者称,“垃圾围城 ”与黎巴嫩瘫痪的政治制度息息相关。自2014年5月25日前任总统苏莱曼结束任期以来,黎巴嫩总统职位一直空缺。目前,由政府暂时行使宪法赋予的管理国家事务职能,但由于各政治派别分歧严重,政府无法在一些重大问题上作出决策。

 In particular, Washington's protectionist pivot is not only worrying, but damaging as well. Over the past year or so, it has tried to bully its trading partners into making concessions by wielding the big stick of punitive tariffs. What's more, the so-called "America First" doctrine touted by US President Donald Trump in Davos in January poses a serious challenge to the rules-based multilateral trading system once established by Washington itself.

 Though the path to globalization has not been a smooth one, yet the reality is that the world has become increasingly more prosperous thanks to it. So the right way to approach globalization is not to abandon or even try to reverse it, but to embrace and improve it.

 考虑到目前本委员会只有我一个光杆司令(惭愧,本委员长何德何能,日后必叫贤者居之),拆墙呢又是一个吃力不讨好的工作(纳尼 ?那边有人问啥 ?这个你回家看《新闻联播》就知道了!)各个地方的血拆案时有发生,有关部门微微损兵折将,令人万分痛心,拆墙工作对工作组成员的体力、脑力、智力、耐力、蛮力、武力、孝力的要求都是极其严格的,家庭出身就更加重要了。。。

 What the current leadership has achieved in building a clean Party and government in the past five years has assured it can be trusted to bring about a glorious future for the country.





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