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 TAIPEI - Taiwan is no longer just "aging," but already an "aged society," according to the island's interior affairs authority.

 While saving a lot of money, construction of the power highway could help increase investment in the western region and create a lot of employment opportunities there, he said.

 Attended an in-service graduate program in management at Department of Management Science, University of Science and Technology of China and was awarded a Master of Engineering degree (1993-1995)

 Xi said a clean and upright political ecology is essential to safeguarding both the authority and the centralized, unified leadership of the Central Committee — all of which are needed urgently to ensure full and strict governance of the Party and represent a vital guarantee in fulfilling reform and development targets.


 "I jump out of my chair and my mate Matt, he'll grab me and hold my ankles and I basically walk on my hands," he said, explaining a technique that's similar to the wheelbarrow race of Western school sports days.





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