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 其实,革命传统教育从来没有“缺位 ” 。教育部此次的声明里也拿出了硬邦邦的数字:“现行义务教育语文教材中反映老一代革命家的篇目共115篇,其中有关毛主席的篇目37篇;有鲁迅作品18篇;有反映狼牙山五壮士、江姐、黄继光、董存瑞、雷锋等革命英雄人物的选文多篇 。 ”

 "It deserves a stay of many days, with its beautiful gardenlike scenery and a rural lifestyle," said Chen Caiyun, a tourist from Hebei province. "Hotels, supermarkets, shops and restaurants-everything you need is available here."

 有人在反思“跨年活动 ”,有人在感慨“以后不敢再去人多的地方了 ”,有人在总结“看以后谁还敢凑热闹 ”,这些都属于对突发悲剧刺激后的情绪反应,而不是冷静的思考 。反省如果缺乏理智,只不过是一时的浅层、偏激情绪罢了,很快就会健忘 。“跨年活动 ”并没有错,“去人多热闹的地方 ”也没错,真正的教训需要在对真相的调查和责任的追问中吸取 。

 A number of other colorful experiences sweeten the pot for tourists, including the garden leisure and rural lifestyle in Beireng village near Boao, a visit to the rice fields in the Sanya rice paddy park, and planting fruit and vegetables in Haikou Guilinyang National Tropical Agriculture Park-as well as the ethnic culture that infuses the whole island.

 Dr Awwad Alawwad, Minister of Culture and Information, said "The return of cinema to Saudi Arabia marks an important moment in the Kingdom's modern-day history and cultural life, as well as in the development of the Kingdom's entertainment industry."

 As part of Saudi Arabia's social and economic reform program under Vision 2030, spearheaded by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Ministry of Culture and Information announced a landmark decision in December to allow commercial cinemas to operate in the Kingdom from early 2018.





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