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 Globalization, the historic process which has brought different countries and peoples closer over the past two centuries, is now under attack and regarded with growing doubts. Isolationism is rising, along with trade protectionism and economic chauvinism.

 在患病的10年间,雅子是树欲静而风不止,先是有皇太子罕见发声,称皇室里有人否定了雅子的人格,后又有“女性天皇论”,接下来是爱子小公主的习惯性旷课,让这对母子始终处在风口浪尖上。2006年,二皇子文仁的妃子纪子诞下了一名男婴,皇室终于有人继承大统了。但日本国民似乎早已经习惯将雅子与爱子母女当成娱乐人物消费了,对她们的关注和指责有增无减,甚至还出现了雅子母女的“专业黑”。为什么“黑”雅子母女会成为日本的社会风潮呢 ?

 Though the path to globalization has not been a smooth one, yet the reality is that the world has become increasingly more prosperous thanks to it. So the right way to approach globalization is not to abandon or even try to reverse it, but to embrace and improve it.

 In sum, policymakers in some Western countries should pull their heads out of the sand to find better answers to their long-standing socio-economic problems and stay open-minded. This may not be easy, but it is necessary.

 Both sides will integrate their advantages and assets to cooperate in all areas of the logistics system, according to the announcement. They also plan to carry out further collaborations to set up a fund management platform and manage immovable assets.

 被那震耳欲聋的声音吵得根本无法入眠时,这难道就是我们必须要继承的传统和文明 ?





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