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 本世纪以来 ,俄罗斯已经成为全球贫富差距最大的国家 ,最富有的10%的人拥有的财富占84.8%;自2000年以来 ,中国大陆已经成为贫富差距扩大最迅速的国家――10%的最富有者所拥有的财富扩大了15.4%的份额 ,使得他们拥有的财富达到了中国大陆全民的64% !

 The second direction is simply an acceptance that China now has a responsibility to frame a common language to deal with issues like environmental ones, global governance, security. The forces of protectionism and isolationism that we have seen in the US and EU in the last few years, and which can be traced back to the shock of the global economic crisis of 2008 and its impact on wealth levels, equality and social development, pull in a different way to those that are likely to best be able to address common problems. It seems that in many places there is an attempt to draw boundaries more tightly, to walk away from even trying to think in an international way, and to complain that the global agenda is no longer one that entirely suits the partners that used to be so keen on it.

 Ke, the holder of multiple world titles, said AlphaGo's did not maximize some moves, giving him a chance, but he failed to take advantage of it. "It never occurred to me that playing against a machine can be as exciting as playing against a human," Ke said.

 This is an epistemic challenge, as much as a political or economic ones. For those in traditions outside of China, the key thing is to establish a posture that is open minded, tolerant, and inquisitive, and wants to hear more about what Chinese perspectives on global commons are. There is no 'ownership' of global issues, beyond the fact that they belong to everyone. So Chinese contributions to this debate, in and of themselves, validate and enrich it. No Chinese voice means no properly global discussion. We are all just learning how to speak a new language, but hopefully one that is more appropriate and efficient.

 说到“过劳死” ,不少人会快速直接地想到日本。人们常说 ,日本是“拼”出来的国家。是的 ,正是这群勤劳的“工蜂” ,创造了日本战后经济飚速发展的奇迹 ,与此同时 ,一个新的用“和制汉语”表现的社会现象――“过劳死” ,也开始频繁出现。






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