qq音速竟舞脚步 :太原小升初调查:有家长为上重点花近十万送礼

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 The government organized training courses for the farmers to help standardize potato growing, conducted branding promotion activities and set up an online sales platform and a sweet potato research institute that is developing quality potato seedlings.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping gives a thumbs-up as he watches the football match in Berlin between youth teams from Zhidan in China's Shaanxi province and VfL Wolfsburg, Germany, March 29, 2014. The Chinese team lost to VfL Wolfsburg 0-2. [Photo/Xinhua] 

 I'm honored to be here. I'm even more honored to share my honest, objective and candid thoughts with others, both in China, in America and around the world.

 Xi made the remarks while meeting with Vincent Siew, honorary chairman of the Taiwan-based Cross-Strait Common Market Foundation, at Boao, Hainan province on the sidelines of the ongoing Boao Forum for Asia annual conference on Tuesday.

 Hainan province is taking a series of steps to help eradicate poverty by 2020, in line with the central government's poverty reduction plan.

 A constitutional revision can be proposed either by the NPC Standing Committee or by more than one-fifth of all NPC deputies. Approval of at least two-thirds of NPC deputies during the annual session is required for adoption.





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