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 The unarmed CH-3s also have been used since July in the southern African country of Zambia to prospect for mineral resources. The operation in the African nation is the first time large Chinese-made drones, unlike the small consumer models made by Chinese firms like DJI, performed a civilian mission in a foreign country and also the first time an African nation used an unmanned aircraft to explore for mines, the academy said.

 因此,如果以内地反腐语汇来描述许仕仁的贪腐,说他是迄今为止香港打出的“最大老虎 ”,一点也不为过。至于许仕仁本人的挥霍无度,风流成性等,更是给香港媒体提供了无数可以深度挖掘的猛料,也给香港普通市民的茶余饭后提供了无数可供八卦的谈资。

 A joint archaeological team carried out a survey of an area of about 2,000 square km in 33 counties and townships in Xiongan from June to December last year, according to the provincial Cultural Relics Institute.

 The office will treat domestic enterprises and international ones, big companies and small firms, State-owned companies and private sectors, equally, to provide protection over their intellectual properties, Shen said, adding that it aims to create a better business environment.

 舛添要一在会议结束后,不满地离开,并在接受《日刊体育》的采访时说道,“中央政府希望东京政府承担约30%的建造费用,这是不负责任的,我们要考虑一下纳税人的感受!反反复复地说‘我们能够建起来’,也是不负责任的,就像二战的日本帝国军队,反复地说‘我们就要赢了,我们就要赢了’,而事实上兵败如山倒,是不负责任的! ”此外,他还重申,“既然是国家场馆,东京政府就不应该买单。如果中央政府不够资金建造,那就要考虑一下将体育馆建成市政设施的可能性了。 ”

 The new agency will be responsible for facilitating the construction of an IPR protection system, and the registration and administrative adjudication of trademarks, patents and geographical indications.





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