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 前不久“不是官话”上有篇文章《年轻人要进步,“天时”与“人和”哪个更重要?》,提到了关于进步的一些必备要件 。当然,每个人对于“进步”的看法和解读都会不同,只是无论哪种“进步”,其实都多少和读书是分不开的 。读书不是整容,能让人在短时间内变一副模样,但读书是健身,只要坚持下来,总会有所收获 。在此,不是要把读书和升官生拉到一起,只是作为一个个体,当官也好,升斗小民也好,能够坚持读书,就会让生活乃至人生有所不同,而这种不同只有真正读书的人才会品尝到,新的一年,愿大家都当一个阅读的“吃货”吧 。


 A constitutional revision can be proposed either by the NPC Standing Committee or by more than one-fifth of all NPC deputies. Approval of at least two-thirds of NPC deputies during the annual session is required for adoption.

 Master Sui is a practitioner of two Chinese traditional kungfu styles: baguazhang and meihuazhuang. The first one is more famous, and practiced worldwide. Shifu, who celebrated his 70th anniversary last autumn, became recognized due to baguazhang, especially in Russia. He is a fourth-generation of baguazhang masters and eighteenth-generation master of meihuazhuang masters. He used to train with Li Ziming, third-generation baguazhang master who called Sui Yunjiang one of his best disciples because of his diligence in practices. Moreover, Sui Yunjiang’s life was tightly connected with Russia, when he was invited there in 1990 and even made an appearance in one of the programs on Russian TV. He stayed in Russia for two years getting experience of living in another country. He was warmly and kindly welcomed by Russian wushu practitioners, and since then was often invited to give seminars. His deep understanding of traditional wushu met recognition there and for the time being, his Russian kungfu disciples are among his most devoted students. Now Sui laoshi has followers in the USA, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Russia and Italy which made his name big in the world of Chinese traditional wushu.

 ♢ PingWest 品玩联合创始人骆轶航:「小程序」若隐若现,似在非在 。它能被「发现」好像是个意外,但「找到」一个具体的小程序又是那么困难 。它像一只猫,不经意间总会从你的眼前轻飘飘地溜过,而当你打定主意要抓到它的时候,它却不知道它藏到哪儿去了,一会儿又在什么地方出现 。





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