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 The following leaders also sent congratulatory messages or letters to Xi on his election as president of China:

 高铁走出去 ,虽然“超级推销员”们尽职尽力 ,但架不住国际政治的残酷 ,墨西哥已签订的第一单协议 ,最终成了废纸;泰国“高铁换大米”的合同 ,因泰国政变一波三折最终成了普通铁路。由此 ,印尼雅加达到万隆的高铁成了中国必争之目标 ,但日本也早已捷足先登、深耕当地 ,并提出了极其优厚的信贷条件。

 He expressed the hope that people from all walks of life on the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to work together for the greater national interest.

 "SEZs should stay true to their mission and make a good use of the new strategic position," said Xi. "SEZs should continue to be pioneers of reform and opening-up and places where things get done."

 I am happy that China Daily also shows leadership in leading this effort to discover what's going on in every day life for people. What an amazing way to let one's voice be heard. It is like President Xi himself is saying to the people of China (and to those of the world who truly know China), 'how are we doing? Are we doing good and if so, in what ways are we doing good?'

 They were asked to abide by political rules and fully implement the Party's lines, principles and policies, as well as the decisions of the Central Committee.





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