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 "We can learn from China, by opening up. They have been able to advance in less than four decades, much less a small country like ours. Our size, location, sea and land give us advantage. We have to take the advantage, it is now or never," he said at a State House meeting with public servants.

 而最失底线的恐怕就属电商研究者龚文祥了 。年初,他还在微博上称“试用了一下Uber专车,体验还可以 。”相信此番代言,会让不太有名的龚名声鹊起,不过,是恶名 。在移动互联时代,拿自己的个人信用换银子,这账怎么算的?

 Perhaps the best symbol of China's new openness, the initiative, with the full name of The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, was proposed by President Xi Jinping during visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in 2013.

 2月1日,中央“一号文件”终于公布,聚焦的仍然是三农问题 。文件如此姗姗来迟,意料之外,也是情理之中 。事实上,在过去的十几年中,大部分“一号文件”都是在1月1日公布,少部分是在一月底公布 。2月1日公布,也不算突破惯例 。

 The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-17 assesses the competitiveness landscape of 137 economies, providing insight into the drivers of their productivity and prosperity.

 "Other sources confirm the growing importance of China and India as centers of innovation. In a recent study on which geographical clusters are generating the most patents, Shenzhen-Hong Kong comes in second place - between Tokyo-Yokohama and San Jose-San Francisco - while Beijing comes in seventh. In both cases, activity is concentrated in the field of digital communications.





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