qq西游再谈诗词歌赋 :国台办:两岸渔民赴钓鱼岛海域捕鱼天经地义

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 People across the Straits are like family members, and the mainland side would like to share developmental opportunities with the people of Taiwan, Xi said.

 The government will subsidize business training programs and encourage private vocational schools, according to a statement released after an executive meeting of the State Council. College graduates and young migrant workers will receive skills training to help them find jobs or start their own businesses.

 For Taiwan leaders who have refused to recognize the 1992 Consensus on one China, the US’ approval of the sale of submarine technology to the island has provided them with an opportunity to further kidnap the well-being of Taiwan compatriots by touting the island’s relationship with the US as a sign of the island’s “independence ”.

 如果问市民对投票结果有何感想,很多人可能会觉得无所谓,但若问及衣食住行、生老病死等问题,他们顿时会觉得休戚相关。比如,每天能不能准时送孩子到学校,上班会不会迟到,下班后能不能赶上最后一趟地铁或公交以尽可能省下出行费用,对疲惫奔波的上班族或心力交瘁的夜归人来说,就是每天最大的“政治 ”。不管在别人看来多么琐碎庸俗和无足轻重,这些事在自己生活的某个当下可能就是全部。它在一个人或一个家庭的生活中所占的比重,可能远超过一座城市的发展蓝图。

 Rwanda's President Paul Kagame, who is also the current chairman of the African Union, said that under the strong leadership of Xi, China has achieved glorious progress, with the people's livelihood greatly improved and the country's international influence continuously promoted.

 TAIYUAN -- North China's Shanxi province caught 200 suspects in cultural heritage-related crimes and solved 121 such cases last year, local police said.





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