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 The ministry plans more MOOC benifiting universities in middle and west China and other remote areas, said Wu Yan, head of the MOE's department of higher education, at a press conference in January.

 Pointing to the 140,000 Chinese nationals studying at Australian universities, he said: "The great majority are excellent students. They also contribute a lot of money to our university system. Are we going to put it at risk?"

 Mackerras' love for music, both Western and Chinese, comes from his family, especially on his mother's side.

 Mackerras found the whole experience in China challenging in the early days. "But I got to love the place and that love has never left me."

 With votes counted in over 58,000 polling stations out of total 62,000 at midday, official data showed the center-right coalition altogether reached 36-37 percent of the vote. The anti-establishment Five Star Movement followed with some 32 percent.

 Seeking jobs is not the exclusive domain of graduating students or laid-off workers — it's also an essential activity for people behind bars to reenter society.





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