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 Also, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Secretary-General Rashid Alimov said in a letter that China plays an increasingly important role on the world stage, the Belt and Road Initiative and the community with a shared future for mankind-both proposed by Xi-have been hailed and echoed by the international community, and the SCO Summit in Qingdao in June surely will yield fruitful outcomes.

 This enabled those in Beijing and surrounding areas to enjoy many clear, blue-sky days this past winter, in sharp contrast with the heavy air pollution seen just a year ago.

 "Back in 1980s at the beginning of the establishment of Hainan province, it was rare to see foreign visitors," said Huang Zejing, a photographer who has witnessed the island's development.

 Hainan always has been a pioneer in reform and opening-up, with Boao serving as a bridge to the outside world. There are more than 200 important domestic and international conferences held in Boao every year.

 US Secretary of State nominee and CIA Director Mike Pompeo had made a secret visit to DPRK over the Easter weekend and met with Kim, Trump confirmed on Twitter on Wednesday.

 The adoption of the first amendment to the Constitution in 14 years won the almost unanimous support of lawmakers, with 2,958 in favor, two against and three abstentions.





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