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 Mentioning that local cooperation is an important part of Russia-China relations, Putin said the large-scale event is an extension of the tradition of the two countries hosting national theme years for each other.

 Beck made his comments at the third annual meeting of the Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council 2018 (ABLAC 2018) hosted by APF Canada on March 2 in Toronto.

 “We must continue to rid ourselves of any virus that erodes the Party's fabric, make great efforts to foster a healthy political environment of integrity, and generate waves of positive energy throughout our Party, ” Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, said.

 Liu Cigui, Party secretary of Hainan, said Hainan will help showcase China's efforts in building a community with a shared future for mankind and realizing the Chinese dream of national revitalization.

 Xi made the remarks after he conferred an Armed Police flag on General Wang Ning, commander of the Armed Police, and General Zhu Shengling, political commissar of the force, at a ceremony on Wednesday morning at the Central Military Commission headquarters in Beijing. 

 This survey is important. It is important because, first of all, the Chinese government wants to know. I think that they sincerely want to know. I think they want to know the thoughts, ideas and sentiments of the average person. I believe that they are truly interested in what people think in order to know how to lead them better. I believe that they are even interested in what I think and feel here as a foreigner.





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