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 The upcoming competition between Ke Jie and Golaxy will further test the competitive ability of the domestic AI Go program, and it will be a starting point for wide use of AI go technology in public apps, Lin said.

 As of 2017, Hainan had 56 international flight routes, and each of its two airports boasted a passenger volume of about 20 million.

 "We have three cities among the top 20 in terms of cleanliness in the world, and we have a lot of opportunities to work with China on that everything from water use to air pollution to traffic control and that goes with the clean-tech side of things, so I think that represents a big win-win situation that both countries can work on," said Barton.

 Many opportunities have come Boao's way through the years as Hainan has worked to develop tourism as a pillar industry. The province rose to become an international tourism destination and in 2016 became the nation's first pilot zone for integrated tour planning across the whole province, a kind of supply-side reform in the tourism sector.


 "Ultimately, it's about the development of the game by finding new methods, new possibilities. ... You've got a group of computer scientists who love the game combined with professionals who have a deep passion for the game, exploring possibilities that before that combination wouldn't have existed. I think that's a beautiful thing," he said.





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