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 "In the past I could only give lessons to 500 or 600 students, even in an auditorium, with many students sitting on the floor," Ye Lang, a professor with Peking University, told the People's Daily. "Now 160,000 students from over 600 universities take my course online, which is hard to imagine in a real classroom."

 I could begin by talking about the advancements right here in my city of Zhengzhou. I've watched roads built, the environment remarkably cleaner than 2011 when I arrived here. I've been amazed at the experience of watching education rise to a higher standard than 5 years ago. I'm truly amazed at the astounding progress that's been made.


 "I'm in China" is a project sponsored by China Intercontinental Communication Centre and other institutions under the guidance of China's State Council Information Office. It invites foreign natives worldwide to experience unique jobs and participate in activities that one can find nowhere else except in China.

 Authorities in charge of the review were asked to fully consult other agencies, companies, industry associations and experts in the process.

 表面上看 ,福彩又陷入了另一个“彩色三分钟”漩涡之中 ,实质而言 ,这不过是民众不信任情绪的再次爆发。一如@tinyfool所言:“还真有人质疑福利彩票有假 ,真是奇怪 ,我只是怀疑这东西会不会有真的的时候…”





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