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 The CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said earlier in a statement that Lu was found to have used money, personal connections and lobbying to "buy official positions and honorary titles along the way", which enabled him to rise "from a private enterprise owner to a vice-ministerial-level official". Also, he had been simultaneously acting as an official and a businessman.

 "The SOEs in the region are sparing no effort in the reforming, and we have seen profound changes in those SOEs, such as Shenyang Machine Tool Co Ltd and Jilin Chemical Group Co Ltd.

 Most of the country's clean energy, including solar and wind energy, is in western China. However, the energy consumption market is too small in the region. Meanwhile, the current inadequate electric power transmission capability fails to distribute this to other parts of the country, which results in great losses, he said.

 Shu Yinbiao, also a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said the services company will supply not only power but also heating services.

 CHANGSHA-Hauling garbage has become Shi Chengfu's hobby. The more he carries, the happier he is. For the past half-century, the shoulder pole was the 90-year-old Shi's primary tool for carrying heavy loads. These days, with an influx of tourists-and their trash-to his family's restaurant, he now uses the pole to transport rubbish bins to a nearby disposal site.

 As for his other love, traditional Chinese opera, Mackerras is delighted to see the once-banned art form staging a comeback in China in recent times.





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