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 And, other than food and customs, the fair has a large space for kids entertainment, where children can explore such activities as dancing, video games and virtual reality.


 Putin's successful re-election as Russian president is a right choice made by the Russian people, Xi said, adding he believed that under Putin's leadership, the Russian people will definitely continue to focus their attention and energy and forge ahead in unity to keep making new achievements in national development and revival.

 "Going forward, I will teach them more about fashion, and I have a plan to create a unique show that will be performed during the university's annual stage extravaganza," she added. "I believe they can perform perfectly."

 The series of decisions made by the NPC will further promote China's development, Putin said, adding that the decisions are completely correct and Russia firmly supports them.

 Li Zhenqin, a resident of the Zhonghuazhonglu community of Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, said, "Led by President Xi, we will be more united, harmonious and stable, and our country will be stronger and prosperous."





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