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 He said that he hoped compatriots across the Straits would shoulder their responsibilities, push the peaceful unification process and fulfill the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

 他的房间里面乱七八糟,资料扔得到处都是,非常没有条理性。那天他因为不高兴,但是他对我的方案很满意,和市建委的玄武湖亮化方案一对比,他就把市建委的领导批了一顿。他说你看你怎么搞的,还不如一个和尚做的,你看人家的效果图多好,结果当时这位领导非常难堪,一声不吭。后来出来的时候,我对那位建委领导说,你们做官真可怜,领导批你,你不敢还嘴。他说“阿弥陀佛,我们都习惯了”。南方周末:最后一次见他是什么时候 ?

 Xi said a clean and upright political ecology is essential to safeguarding both the authority and the centralized, unified leadership of the Central Committee — all of which are needed urgently to ensure full and strict governance of the Party and represent a vital guarantee in fulfilling reform and development targets.

 "We will gather together disparate solar and wind energy sources and use them as heating sources," Shu said.

 The agency will be in charge of duties such as drafting strategic guidelines, planning and foreign aid policies, according to the plan.

 Abe, for his part, said that Japan attaches high importance to its relationship with China. It is willing to take the opportunity of the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Japan-China Treaty of Peace and Friendship to promote comprehensive improvement of bilateral ties, to realize high-level exchanges, and to expand cooperation under the framework of strategic relationship of mutual benefit.





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