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 Chengmai, about 60 kilometers from the provincial capital of Haikou, is one of the regions that has reaped benefits from restructuring local farming. "Our Qiaotou brand sweet potatoes sell well in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as markets in Japan and Canada," said Wang Wenke, head of Changtang village in Qiaotou town, Chengmai-an area known for its rich soil and the longevity of its locals.

 最著名的例子是 “西格玛”小组。 “9・11”事件之后,被斥为 “缺乏想象力”的美国国土安全部斥资790万美元,召集了大批科幻作家,专门负责想象恐怖袭击的可能性,以及能够用于反恐的 “科幻手段”。这些科幻作家都来自 “西格玛”小组,其中科幻小说家波奈尔甚至曾协助里根总统构思 “星球大战”导弹防御系统。

 换句话说,工业化本身就有抑制生育的作用。中国半工业化社会只持续了两代人时间就结束,迅速进入工业化社会常见的低生育状态,只有少数未能完全进入工业社会的落后地区依然保持着高生育率。所以,在人口绝对下降趋势来临之际,我们会反过来觉得计划生育政策 “荒谬”。这个事实可以用我的朋友、观察者网专栏作者毛克疾的一段话做精练总结:

 Xi urged more efforts to improve social governance and promote justice to ensure the stability, happiness and security of the people. The people should sense justice and fairness in every single judicial case, he said.

 Key among these is whether the media should take the US government's words at face value that it was indeed the Syrian government, not the rebels or anyone else, that used chemical weapons, if they were in fact used.

 With the technology, a latest development of Hainan PPK Information Technology Co Ltd, customers can easily distinguish the authenticity of goods by scanning the two-dimensional barcode on an item with their mobile phones and uploading the data to a cloud database. Customers will get a message as to whether the goods are authentic or fake.





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