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 The Russian leader said that thanks largely to Xi's personal impetus, Russia-China relations have in recent years reached an unprecedented height and have set an example for developing equality-based and mutually beneficial cooperation between major countries.

 In the pair format, Lian and Gu will face off, with each having an AlphaGo teammate. Also, five Chinese players will play together, alternating moves, to test AlphaGo's adaptability to their combined style in the team event.

 In his speech, Xi told civil servants that, no matter how high-ranking they are, it is a must to put the people in the highest place of their hearts, serve the people wholeheartedly and work hard for the interests and happiness of the people.

 "Today, the creativity of the Chinese people is being unleashed to an extent like never before, which has been enabling our country to develop rapidly and stride forward at the forefront of the world," Xi said.

 镜鉴的话:12月17日,李克强在贝尔格莱德集体会见塞尔维亚总理、匈牙利总理和马其顿总理,四国总理一致同意共同打造中欧陆海快线。一年的光景,从匈塞铁路到中欧陆海快线,这背后有着怎样的故事和考量,让李克强如此重视?镜鉴独家披露这条快线的 “前世今生”。

 Xi's speech received positive feedback from many foreign diplomats, and they expressed optimism toward China's development under Xi's leadership.





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