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 Xi pledged to uphold absolute Party leadership over the people's armed forces, fully implement the Party's strategy on strengthening military capabilities for the new era, enhance the political loyalty of the armed forces, strengthen them through reform and technology and run them in accordance with law.

 The government will increase the supply of clean power; steadily advance major projects aimed at cutting coal consumption, such as those to promote the use of shallow geothermal energy, the upgrading of coal-fired steam boilers to make them energy efficient, and the recovery of waste heat for household heating; and steadily move forward with adopting clean energy sources for winter heating in northern China based on local circumstances, according to the draft report.

 所谓的“北蓝南绿 ”,台北和台中本该是蓝营最轻松的战场 。可如今,却是选情胶着 。19日民调封闭前,国民党台北市长候选人连胜文与台中候选人胡志强,与跟对手在民调上的较量都不乐观 。当然,即便是台北台中染绿,也不能简单断言是台湾政治生态发生了实质变化 。不过,两地陷入苦战也已经表明,分析选情已经不能简单固化在蓝绿颜色说 。

 Any outside forces that attempt to "play the Taiwan card" will find their efforts "futile" and will hurt themselves if they go "over the line", he said.

 以色列女兵在享用野战口粮,貌似军靴旁边的大罐头是蔬菜罐头,头盔上和头盔旁的罐头是肉罐头 。正在往面包上倒的是金枪鱼罐头 。

 "Government reform is a momentous move for China's internal development and global affairs," said Nasir Mahmood, director general of the Department of External Relations and Legal Affairs at the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization. "It improves the effectiveness of the governing bodies and allows China to adapt to changing times."





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