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 During all these three years now that I have known him since our first meeting, he never stopped surprising me with his strong, yet sensitive personality. This is the person who having contracted cancer at such an old age, was able to recover and resume wushu practices on regular basis – five times a week. He is a person, who never loses enthusiasm and faith in people, always surrounded by friends and deeply loving him relatives including his daughter. Our lessons go far beyond simply learning kungfu technics. His teaching is more about life, about enjoying every single moment of it because it will not happen twice, about training our will and overcoming difficulties, about harmonious existence, and building relationships with other people. After every kungfu lesson, we are welcome into his house to drink tea. This is another lesson being taugh- the mastery of chadao, or tea ceremony. It was exactly in his home that I learnt and tried different kinds of tea. Cha fairy-tale. His amazing wife prepares tea ceremony every time we come back from the training.

 While the reform and opening-up drive, which began 40 years ago, has made amazing progress, it brought major changes to the country's Constitution.




 说起来,这可真是一个谣言传播的典型案例,应是当晚看了贺岁片《智取威虎山》,事后@老沉随意说了一句,“40000斤黄金,那可是20吨呀 !”可能,这位影响力无远弗届的前新浪总编辑自己也不曾想到,在周六子夜不到3个小时内,这一段掐头去尾的寥寥数字影评,竟被变形演绎成了《智取赵本山》。





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