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 Zhao Huijie, Party secretary of the village of Xiaomiaozi in the Songshan district of Chifeng, said she was thrilled to see the president discuss poverty reduction in rural areas and other issues with her.

 范竹本科就读于北京 ,她选择在这个待了四年的城市奋斗 ,“我在北京靠的是自己大学期间实习积累的各种资源 ,回家了都得依靠父母的资源。”范竹对@一图观政(微信号P100017)表示 ,要做与自己专业相关的事 ,还是倾向于选择自己更熟悉的地方 ,范竹认为在北京自己需要的资源触手可及。

 China does speak into this debate from a very different intellectual tradition, one where the key words of harmony and order have a philosophical basis that often vary from that of what can broadly be called the enlightenment tradition of the West. Enlightenment, together with its aftermath – Modernity – as understood by the West, was neither properly "shared" nor it seems that has adequately fulfilled its proposition for a common future. But the logic of globalization should mean we can embrace this new opportunity for hybridity and diversity – and that having more space for Chinese concepts will help, not hinder. We might even call this new era one of global enlightenment, rather than simply talking of enlightenment being something located in the West and its traditions alone. Perhaps this can give way to the idea of reasoning together (instead of a particular Reason) as a form of progress. A common destiny is thus no longer in the hands of one type of civilization, but in the hands of many.

 The second direction is simply an acceptance that China now has a responsibility to frame a common language to deal with issues like environmental ones, global governance, security. The forces of protectionism and isolationism that we have seen in the US and EU in the last few years, and which can be traced back to the shock of the global economic crisis of 2008 and its impact on wealth levels, equality and social development, pull in a different way to those that are likely to best be able to address common problems. It seems that in many places there is an attempt to draw boundaries more tightly, to walk away from even trying to think in an international way, and to complain that the global agenda is no longer one that entirely suits the partners that used to be so keen on it.

 The country's new president, vice-president, Cabinet, top judge and prosecutor are expected to be elected before the legislative session ends.

 He also said the CPPCC National Committee will uphold consultative democracy throughout the processes of political consultation, exercise democratic oversight, and participate in the deliberation of State affairs.





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