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 Echoing Beck, president and CEO of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), Mark Machin, who has been based in Asia for more than 20 years, said that with the center of gravity of the world economically shifting to Asia which has half of the world population and will continue to grow for many years, Canada, as an important country with a smaller population "has to engage with Asia, in particular China through trade and investment and many other aspects."

 昨天(20日) ,习近平来到白族企业家马伟亮创办的力帆骏马有限公司。看到企业短短10多年里就能生产多种载货汽车 ,产品畅销东南亚。习近平说 ,汽车市场竞争激烈 ,希望下一步不断创新 ,通过创新赢得市场、赢得发展。

 More than 500 pieces of pottery, bronze and iron ware dating back from the Warring States period (475-221 BC) to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) have also been discovered in the area.

 昨天(20日) ,习近平来到白族企业家马伟亮创办的力帆骏马有限公司。看到企业短短10多年里就能生产多种载货汽车 ,产品畅销东南亚。习近平说 ,汽车市场竞争激烈 ,希望下一步不断创新 ,通过创新赢得市场、赢得发展。

 柬埔寨的上述担心 ,具有一定的代表性 ,尤其表达了东盟弱国、小国的心态 ,必须予以高度重视。柬埔寨是中国的传统友好邻邦 ,尚且有那么多担心、疑惑 ,说明我“一带一路”建设首先要实现“民心相通” ,要多倾听、解释 ,真正做到共商、关建、共享。

 "China is everywhere in the media today. Being a player globally, China grows rapidly. But when we talk about China, there may be some negative images involved in the Western media," said Beck, who was Canada's Consul General in Shanghai in 1999, when Shanghai's development was beginning to take off.





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