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 The government has vowed to make solid strides in targeting poverty alleviation, formulating guidelines on a three-year initiative for winning the battle against poverty through specific measures, according to the annual work report of the State Council released on Monday.

 After more than an hour’s journey I finally got beckoned to disembark and make way to my new temporary home, the 7DaysInn, from where permanent impressions were to be made since the place had a wonderful staff compliment who were to make my stay in Guangzhou memorable.

 大选年在绝大多数发展中国家都意味着政治上的不确定性增加 ,必然会影响到经济和社会的稳定。新的投资者因为担心局势不稳 ,或者对大选后新政府的政策走向不托底 ,会持观望态度。即使是本国的普通民众 ,也受本币贬值预期的影响 ,倾向于持有美元等“硬通货”。

 想起申办冬奥会。今年2月索契 ,巴赫宴请参加冬奥会开幕式的各方来宾时 ,习大大对巴赫说:“在中国 ,冰雪运动不进山海关。如果冰雪项目能在关内推广 ,预计可以带动两三亿人参与 ,由此点燃中国冰雪运动的火炬。”巴赫不由动容。大大很会做思想工作吧?(科普一下:国际奥委会的工作重点之一 ,就是忙着推广运动、让更多人参与)

 The government will advance poverty-alleviation initiatives for local-industry development, education and health, and environmental improvement. The government will also target infrastructure construction and the development of public service systems in poor villages, the draft report said.

 The report warned that the MoD's "base-fed" model "where it recruits regulars into the lowest ranks and develops their skills and experience over time has not enabled it to close capability gaps quickly enough", and warned that it was "not a sustainable long-term solution".





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