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 仇恨需要在时间的沉寂中化解 ,宽恕只可能交给时间 ,这时候媒体和舆论对两家人的过度关注 ,只会渲染仇恨。当年的药家鑫案 ,就在舆论的推波助澜中不断强化彼此的敌意 ,两家并非不可以和解 ,并非不可以通过一些方式弥补 ,可律师在前台的积极造势和悲情渲染 ,舆论的火上浇油 ,网络的围观起哄 , “药家鑫不死 ,法律就死了”的舆论审判 ,对 “农民”和 “军二代”身份的炒作 ,加深着彼此的误解和仇恨 ,使宽恕与和解根本没有可能。我想 ,到了今天纠缠在他们心中的仍然会是咬牙切齿的仇恨。

 A joint archaeological team carried out a survey of an area of about 2,000 square km in 33 counties and townships in Xiongan from June to December last year, according to the provincial Cultural Relics Institute.

 When the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, China had a weak medical and health system due to low levels of development in its economy and society. The nation had only 3,670 medical and health institutions, 541,000 health workers and 85,000 beds at health institutions. The average life expectancy was 35 years. To change this situation, the government devoted great efforts to developing the medical and health services, and implemented guidelines which stipulated that the health services were to serve vast majority of the people, that prevention should be stressed, that both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) should be utilized, and that health promotion and people's involvement should be incorporated. The people were mobilized to carry out health promotion programs, and basic knowledge about healthcare was widely spread. All this greatly enhanced the people's health, and major breakthroughs were made in medical sciences. Chlamydia trachomatis was identified for the first time by Chinese scientists; Chinese doctors performed the world's first replantation of a severed limb; and artemisinin, an effective cure for malaria, was extracted in a Chinese laboratory.

 现在有一个现象 ,什么事情都往根本制度上找原因。对待贪腐 ,更是如此。这其实是一种懒惰的表现。香港之所以政声较好 ,贪腐现象不突出 ,大多数人的说法是 ,它有一个直属行政长官领导的廉政公署(以前则是港督直管)。问题是 ,我们的中纪委难道比它那个廉署还软 ?在我看来 ,香港的贪腐问题不严重 ,主要还是在于港府权力小 ,基本上没什么审批权。没权可租 ,哪来贪腐 ?

 The government will increase the supply of clean power; steadily advance major projects aimed at cutting coal consumption, such as those to promote the use of shallow geothermal energy, the upgrading of coal-fired steam boilers to make them energy efficient, and the recovery of waste heat for household heating; and steadily move forward with adopting clean energy sources for winter heating in northern China based on local circumstances, according to the draft report.





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