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 近日最大的刷屏事件就是LIGO发现了两个黑洞并合产生的引力波。对于引力波我只知皮毛,所以没有接受任何媒体的约稿、采访以及所有的讲座邀请,但是还是写了一点我知道的八卦以及我的看法,贴在朋友圈上(见《  一瓶茅台作赌注:下一个引力波事例要等到猴年马月吗?》,回复“103”查看)也被一些微信公众号转发以及一个报纸转载了部分内容。

 Sweet potato fields have expanded to 1,800 hectares in Qiaotou, a town of 22,000 residents, and a research institute developing virus-free seedlings there is helping promote better farming practices. Output value from sweet potato harvesting reached 360 million yuan ($57 million) last year. About 310,000 tourists visited Qiaotou in 2017 to enjoy digging up sweet potatoes for themselves last year.

 Xi made the remark while speaking at a panel discussion with deputies to the National People’s Congress from Guangdong province.


 "We can learn from China, by opening up. They have been able to advance in less than four decades, much less a small country like ours. Our size, location, sea and land give us advantage. We have to take the advantage, it is now or never," he said at a State House meeting with public servants.

 Xi required the opening-up of all areas with a broader vision, higher goals and more effective measures. Guangdong province should speed up building open economies at a higher level, proactively taking part in building the Belt and Road, and turning the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area into a world-class city cluster, Xi said.





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