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 事实上,如果真的有泡沫,那既是股民需要的,也是国家需要的。眼下 要一场牛市来化解一些问题。洗洁精和洗衣粉,只有泛出泡沫,才能把那些问题――污渍化解并带走。中国经济发展过程中出现的一些问题,需要这样的泡沫。值得有些人骄傲的是,曾经不止一次成功地用泡沫洗去一些难题。

 Kang Bo, father of a 12-year-old boy who broke his leg, said he prefers to borrow a shared wheelchair instead of buying one, though the chairs are not expensive. A cheap wheelchair sells for about 300 yuan on a Chinese online shopping platform.

 The native of Lyuliang, Shanxi province, and his colleagues would arrive back at their hotel at about 7 pm every evening, and then rush to send details of violations or illegal behavior to the Ministry of Environmental Protection by 9 pm. After that, they scoured complaints submitted to local authorities, looking for clues to potential irregularities, and then selected the companies they would inspect the following day.

 "The first batch of 50 wheelchairs that were placed on Sunday had been borrowed within an hour," she said. "We're considering placing more for the patients."

 "There is a large number of historical documents in the US on germ warfare. The huge quantity of information and complex content can help strengthen the research," Liu said. "And in recent years, more experts on the subject have emerged in the country and provided some valued academic works."

 The International Research Center for Unit 731 Issues in Harbin Academy of Social Sciences revealed new evidence of Japan's germ war atrocities after one week of research in the US. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]





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