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 "In the short term, a lot of cities will have to landfill these recyclables, since the US does not yet have a big enough demand for these recyclables in our manufacturing sector," Turner said. "It is possible that this could force bigger conversations about how our consumers should lessen their use of plastics, but as you know this will be a tough change for Western countries and China."

 It is hypocritical for the US, Britain and France to pretend that they still care about the UN process or the OPCW investigation. In launching the airstrikes by bypassing the UN, they set a bad precedent that big powers don't have to abide by international laws.

 Xi was elected Chinese president and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the PRC earlier Saturday at the ongoing first session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), the national legislature.


 In addition to dozens of cities being selected by the government to test mandatory garbage sorting, Turner said, it is good to see that many others have been voluntarily experimenting with sorting and recycling to address the public's growing concerns about incinerators.

 这让岛君想起监狱里走出来的那些著名作品,都是些熠熠生辉的名字 。维根特斯坦《逻辑哲学论》,《马可・波罗游记》,塞万提斯《堂吉诃德》,葛兰西《狱中札记》,王尔德《自深深处》,伏尔泰《俄狄浦斯王》,柏杨《中国人史纲》……





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