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 在哈佛读书期间,我切身体会到先进的科技知识能够既简单又深远地帮助到很多人 。本世纪初的时候,禽流感在亚洲多个国家肆虐 。那个时候,村庄里的农民听到禽流感就像听到恶魔施咒一样,对其特别的恐惧 。乡村的土医疗方法对这样一个疾病也是束手无策 。农民对于普通感冒和流感的区别并不是很清楚,他们并不懂得流感比普通感冒可能更加致命 。而且,大部分人对于科学家所发现的流感病毒能够跨不同物种传播这一事实并不清楚 。

 Lao President Bounnhang Vorachit said that under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party with Xi as its core, the course of socialism with Chinese characteristics will make all-round, remarkable and historic achievements, and the traditional friendship and comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries will further develop.

 The term "head-of-state diplomacy" was mentioned by Xi as he hosted visiting President Donald Trump of the United States in November.

 For those who study biology, you may have grasped the science behind my mom’s cure: heat deactivates proteins, and a spider’s venom is simply a form of protein 。 It’s cool how that folk remedy actually incorporates basic biochemistry, isn’t it? But I am a PhD student in biochemistry at Harvard, I now know that better, less painful and less risky treatments existed 。 So I can’t help but ask myself, why I didn’t receive one at the time?

 黄奇帆曾表示,产能过剩的风险是经济中最重要的风险,如果“全行业过剩30%、40%甚至50%,几乎所有企业,都会泥沙俱下,大家通通赔本,形成行业性亏损……更严重的是,实体经济产能过剩还会连累金融业,造成银行坏账,增加诱发金融危机甚至经济危机的风险 。”

 Shen also said to speed up review and protection process, more IPR centers will be established this year to allow right owners to safeguard their rights more efficiently with lower cost.





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