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 Looking back at that day in Parliament, the mild-mannered academic said: "I felt deeply honored by his reference to me … deeply honored."

 A total of 430 tons of litchee, longan, mango, paw paw and green oranges were exported from Hainan to Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States last year, while another 960 tons of fresh vegetables were sold to Hong Kong, according to official statistics.

 Gambia's exports have gone mainly to China, India, the United Kingdom and Italy back as far as 2014, while it imported most of its goods from China, Brazil and Indonesia.

 When Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered his historic address to the Australian Parliament on Nov 17, 2014, he noted the presence of Emeritus Professor Colin Mackerras of Griffith University in the audience.

 这就带出了另一个中国特色:中国的监狱都有企业的,有的企业还非常大、非常正规 。经历几十年发展,中国的监狱企业已经相当雄厚,有的打造出了著名品牌 。一位犯人是技术骨干,刑满之后留厂就业,既是成功的就地安置,也为企业提供了可持续发展的可能,这种事儿既非孤例,更非新闻 。

 One of her ancestors, Isaac Nathan (1790-1864), was a distinguished conductor and composer. After coming to Australia in 1841, he opened an academy of singing. Nathan went on to become the choirmaster of St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney and organized the largest concert of sacred music in the then British colony.





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