qq好友印象多少个字 :项向荣:大国国民当有大国气度

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 "SEZs should stay true to their mission and make a good use of the new strategic position," said Xi. "SEZs should continue to be pioneers of reform and opening-up and places where things get done."

 Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said that with the visionary leadership of Xi, China is carrying out its reform strategies to achieve national stability, development and prosperity. Xi's election as the president will promote China's role as a prestigious major power in international political and economic affairs, and protect the stability and safety of the world and region, he said.

 They were asked to abide by political rules and fully implement the Party's lines, principles and policies, as well as the decisions of the Central Committee.

 While saving a lot of money, construction of the power highway could help increase investment in the western region and create a lot of employment opportunities there, he said.


 By passing the Taiwan Travel Act and approving the sale of submarine technology to Taiwan, the US government has shown it is intent on using the island as a pawn in its game.





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