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 卡卢奇的访问在两位新任国防部长之间建立起了初步的互相信任关系,将5年前开始的两军关系又向前推进了一步。正是卡卢奇访华期间,美国政府宣布,它将通知国会和盟国,美打算有条件批准使用中国火箭发射美国休斯飞机公司为澳大利亚制造的通讯卫星及一颗名为“亚洲卫星 ”的卫星。国务院发言人称,颁发卫星出口许可证的条件是,美中双方达成政府间协议,以保证这些卫星技术不被滥用或转作他用。12月22日,中国政府外交部发言人说,中美两国政府最近正式签署了《关于卫星技术安全的协议备忘录》、《关于卫星发射责任的协议备忘录》,并草签了《商业发射服务的国际贸易问题协议备忘录》。1989年1月26日,中美两国政府就中国运载火箭发射美国制造的卫星等事宜正式签署了有关商业发射服务贸易问题的协议备忘录。这样,中美之间就中国发射美国制造的卫星的一切法律事宜均已完成。

 Shen Xiaoming, governor of Hainan, said the province will continue to take advantage of the forum, launched in 2001 and known as the Asian Davos, and other exchange platforms such as the Roundtable Meeting on China-Africa Cooperation, to seek new opportunities for development and to better serve the general diplomacy of the nation.

 According to the Chinese tradition, we called Sui Yunjiang master Sui, shifu, or Sui laoshi. His personality impressed me deeply. Maybe it was a fate yuanfen, or something other, but it was not the first time I heard his name, since he used to come to my town every two years, mostly in august. However, I never saw him in person, nor did the translation for him. I lacked knowledge in wushu, but the master was very patient trying to explain to me every single word that I couldn’t comprehend. He was already in his sixties at that time, but, giving credit to his sharp mind, he could find a way with the youngest disciples as well as the older ones. The two weeks that I had spent with that amazing family inspired me and I continued my kungfu practices in Beijing.

 不久前的2015年3月11日,东京都千代田区的国立剧场里举行了“3•11 ”大地震遇难者悼念仪式,纪念造成近两万人遇难的东日本大地震四周年。当天,日本天皇夫妇、首相安倍晋三以及岩手、宫城和福岛三县的遇难者家属出席了仪式。

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