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 The place where we practice kungfu deserves special mentioning. It is a little “island ” in the heart of the city, Xizhimen. A park with a small river where dragon-shaped boats take passengers to the Summer Palace, is an amazing place with Russian spirit. Beijing is known to be home for many Russians, there is the largest Russian district called Yabaolu with many Russian clothing shops and food restaurants. But this place is something different. Tranquil, peaceful, enchanting, the park is hidden from the eyes of many, showing its true beauty only to those who is in pursue of the miracle. On the opposite side of the wushu training spot there is former Soviet Union Exhibition Center, which was renamed into Beijing Exhibition Center after Soviets’ and China Republic’s relations had come into turbulence. The earliest Russian cuisine restaurant “Moscow ” was also placed in this picturesque area. Government officials who took office during that period used to have their lunches and dinners there.

 At least 3,000 people were used for human experimentation by Unit 731and more than 300,000 people across China were killed by Japan's biological weapons.

 The world’s second-largest economy will also implement a long-term mechanism and targeted regulation to stabilize the real estate sector.

 最近 ,朋友圈里某县长似乎萎靡了。我发信息约采访 ,他也不愿接招了。此前 ,这位老兄不仅常和媒体互动 ,还不时在微信上转一点正能量故事 ,或者当地经济发展的重大决策部署之类内容 ,并留言:拜托多宣传、多支持。

 这事儿甚至惊动了某家报馆 ,经过记者调查证实 ,就在大家抒情 ,并演绎动物爱情的时候 ,两只鹅都已经被吃掉多日了。你看 ,抒情的人 ,与吃肉的人 ,根本就不在一个频道。你觉得爱情美好 ,我觉得鹅肉美好。你觉得我无情 ,我觉得你滥情。多情总被无情恼 ,在无情的世界里抒情 ,就是笑话。

 你视力可以触及的范围一个人都没有。宽阔的马路僵直挺着 ,柏油路面上炮弹着弹点和四射出弹片留下清楚的坑洞。它们一个连着一个 ,弹坑里的水都已经结冰 ,反射出惨白的阳光 ,一瞬间你会觉得那是怪兽的脚印。我们的出现立即引起了十几只流浪狗的兴奋 ,它们争先恐后跑来 ,大声狂吠。好在它们曾经都是家养的宠物 ,不然我会觉得它们要扑上来撕咬我们。地上有一些不知道什么动物被炸焦的内脏 ,狗群和乌鸦群在相互撕扯争夺。路两边的房子似乎争先恐后上演黑色的行为艺术 ,断壁残垣、碎瓦焦土用各自的形态铺散在路边。





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