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 Ma's suggestions were echoed by Liu Junhai, a business law professor with Renmin University of China. He said household services companies should offer more training to workers and set up a better appraisal system to improve service to customers.

 UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that allegations of chemical weapons use demand an investigation. And in the past, both the Syrian government and anti-government rebels have both been accused of using chemical weapons.

 With the technology, a latest development of Hainan PPK Information Technology Co Ltd, customers can easily distinguish the authenticity of goods by scanning the two-dimensional barcode on an item with their mobile phones and uploading the data to a cloud database. Customers will get a message as to whether the goods are authentic or fake.

 我认为这才是理性客观的评价 。韩雪的抱怨引起许多网友共鸣,是因为许多人在看病时确实也遇到过医生不耐烦的情景 。当然她自身的问题也应接受批评 。而一些医生发起对韩雪的攻击,却反应过度了 。著名的烧伤医生阿宝甚至公然爆粗口,可能他自己也意识到了不妥,后来删了微博 。更多的医生则指责韩雪“激化医患矛盾”,他们反复强调的是在中国做医生有多不容易,还要被患者刁难 。

 The lack of a regulator was cited by 57.2 percent of the respondents as a major reason for the problems in the industry, while many said weak supervision of the market and poor management of service providers were to blame.

 China's unprecedented focus on environmental protection and its pledge to prevent foreign garbage from crossing its borders are industry game changers, according to two environmental observers in the United States.





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