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 After the 2018 Government Work Report was delivered to the first session of the 13th National People's Congress, ministries elaborated on key points related to China's economy at news conferences on the sidelines of the annual session of the NPC.

 Central Edinburgh-based CODE Pod Hostel has become the affordable accommodation of choice for design-conscious travelers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea, who are drawn to Scotland's capital city in increasing numbers.

 Lu, former head of the political department of the Ministry of Justice, is accused of bribing government workers with more than 12.7 million yuan ($2 million) to provide fake information regarding his age, his family members, his education and employment background and documents to join the Communist Party of China, obtain an honorary title and promotions between 1992 and 2016, the prosecutor said at the trial in Anyang Intermediate People's Court in Henan province.

 而在我看来,老干部所言固然在理,但也必须考虑到县长的处境。近年来,县长所在地市官员站队成习惯、拉帮成风,为了上位互相攻讦。在反腐风暴中,当地已有多名官员先后被处理。而这几年来县长在当地的成绩有目共睹,但先后几次遴选干部中都意外出局。眼见比自己小、比自己资历浅、能力差的官员都 “上去了”,县长也就动了心思……唉,都说要 “把自己摆进去”,但真把自己摆进去的话,我可能跟县长一样的做法。说实在的,县长也难呀。你想想,如果没有那些说不清、道不明的用人潜规则,他又何必犯贱似的去 “抱大树”、 “攀高枝”?

 "When I first went to China, Australia was referred to as the 'running dog of US imperialism' and we had very little to do with China. Today, China is too big, too powerful to ignore."





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