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 He required the government to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the development environment by providing excellent administration, services and a complete market system.

 As US President Donald Trump will meet in the coming days with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the DPRK has taken another hard lesson from Friday's airstrikes, just like it took from the US invasion of Iraq and the regime change in Libya.

 The demonstration zones will be tasked with exploring ways to get rid of institutional obstacles, making systemic innovation and setting examples for those that follow, according to the meeting.

 Moving forward, China is still going to face a difficult road in the fight against environmental degradation, adding that the leadership will do its best to draw from all the resources it has at its disposal-not just State authority, but also the power of citizens, civil society groups, media, innovative businesses and international partners, all of which are poised to contribute to the cause, he said.

 President Xi Jinping, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, called on Friday for deeper reform to boost civil-military integration in the new era.

 这段话,说得很大。金台君(微信ID:jintaih2hao)再给列位看看习近平在中央纪委五次全会的工作报告,就会更加清楚。习近平在讲话中专门论述了政治规矩,这不仅是从查处的高级领导干部的例子总结得来的,更是说给全党听的。基层党组织,很多人因为权力不受监督,搞权钱交易、权权交易,甚至拉帮结派、共同谋取私利,这都极大破坏了党的政治规矩。小官巨贪,就是一个例子。而且小官巨贪不是一个两个,是抓一个,都出一窝。比如海淀区西北旺镇皇后店的一个村会计,竟然挪用公款1.19亿元。藏富于民,发展农业的话,又能做多少事呢 ?这笔账还是很明显的。这便是文件提出“完善村务监督委员会的制度设计”等监督制度的一个重要深意。





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