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 The spacecraft has a thick carbon-composite shield of 4.5 inches (11.43 centimeters) to withstand the sun's heat which can reach nearly 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1371 degrees Celsius).

 China is a role model and leader for the rest of Asia. Above all, China is sincerely willing to assist any country in the region in the course of their development. The Belt and Road Initiative promotes peace, harmony, and prosperity for the whole region. More and more countries are joining the initiative; to date, 69 countries have become member states in BRI.

 Following Xi's visit, managers of the nursing home, which has more than 600 residents, gave more attention to services and encouraged the retirees to have more entertainment activities. A chorus was begun, and Liu set up a fashion modeling team, she said.

 Among them, Han Zheng, Sun Chunlan, Hu Chunhua and Liu He were endorsed as vice premiers, while Wei Fenghe, Wang Yong, Wang Yi, Xiao Jie and Zhao Kezhi were endorsed as state councilors.

 据专家调查 ,在中国 ,高达近百分之九十的成年同性恋者因受到传统压力 ,被迫与不爱的异性结婚 ,而他们的异性伴侣却并不知道实情 。这种畸形的婚姻组合 ,产生了多方面的不良后果:当同性恋者进入传统婚姻 ,对夫妻双方、子女、两个家庭都是悲剧 。另外这种情况使同性恋者进入地下 ,使同性恋者之间的结合变得非常脆弱 。由于同性恋者的关系没有婚姻形式加以束缚和保障 ,容易造成一部分同性恋者交友随意 ,增加性病、艾滋病传播的可能性 。而承认同性婚姻则可以使相当一部分同性恋者建立和保持长期关系 ,减少短期关系 ,减少性病、艾滋病传播的可能性 。另据张北川先生对1100名男同性爱者的调查表明 ,77%的同性恋者经历过严重痛苦 ,34%有过强烈自杀念头 ,10%有过自杀未遂行动 ,66%孤独压抑 ,50%严重影响工作 ,38%的人遭到诸如侮辱、性骚扰、殴打、敲诈勒索、批判和处分等伤害 。如此高比例的同性爱公民长期生活在压抑和痛苦中 ,与和谐社会的理想诉求是绝不相称的 。

 By passing the Taiwan Travel Act and approving the sale of submarine technology to Taiwan, the US government has shown it is intent on using the island as a pawn in its game.





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