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 China on Tuesday unveiled a massive cabinet reshuffle plan to make the government better-structured, more efficient, and service-oriented.

 Although the mainland maintained its place as the largest market in size for the past three years and continues enjoying robust economic growth, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region made a significant leap up the ranks from ninth last year to sixth. It is now ahead of Sweden (seventh), the United Kingdom (eighth) and Japan (ninth).

 Al Serrian, located in the southwestern Arabian Peninsula, was prosperous from the ninth to the 13th century.

 Including Senegal, the report praises the four countries for improving their performance for five consecutive years since 2010.

 The alleged dumping was exposed by a state television program. On Tuesday, CCTV ran a report based on its own investigation into illegal dumping by the Shanxi Sanwei Group Co., a chemical manufacturer listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

 The important event is expected to invigorate the local-level cooperation between the two countries and encourage more enterprises and people to engage in the common development of China and Russia, Xi said.





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