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 Xi said actions should be taken against corruption and undesirable practices in poverty relief work, while demanding strict punishment for embezzlement of poverty relief funds, and elimination of practices like formalities for formalities' sake, bureaucratism, and falsification.

 "Exercising full and rigorous governance over the Party is a journey to which there is no end. We should never entertain the idea of taking a breather or halting our steps," he said.

 The unit was set up at around 1936 and conducted vivisection experiments on live humans to test germ-releasing bombs and chemical bombs among other criminal atrocities.

 At Wednesday's ceremony, Xi said the transfer was an important decision made by the CPC Central Committee to make sure it has absolute control over all of the nation's armed forces, adding the move will extensively boost the Party's efforts to build a strong military and ensure long-term stability and prosperity. 

 把中日各种军舰列表一一对比 ,是外行的媒体最省事的编辑 ,也是最不能反映两国两军真正战斗力的敷衍了事。日本海军必败有两个原因 ,无论几个日本前将领自认他们的舰船再先进 ,“神盾”也难逃解放军立体反舰导弹的饱和攻击 ,反舰导弹可以从舰艇、飞机及核潜艇发射 ,陆基的反舰弹道导弹同时配合 ,就算美国航母战斗群也退避三舍。所以日本陆上自卫队前任陆将福山隆称 ,“如果不考虑弹道导弹 ,我们一周就能歼灭全部中国舰队。”可惜没有如果。北京不打则已 ,一打就不会留情 ,电磁脉冲弹等致命的战略武器必然倾囊以授。

 Starting this month, the Armed Police Force has been placed under the unified control of the CPC Central Committee and Central Military Commission. Previously, it was jointly administered by the military commission and the State Council. 





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