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 这样的态度来自于现实问题。该文写道:“中央纪委查处的中管干部违纪违法问题,很多都是发生在担任下级一把手期间;有的省已查处的领导干部中,半数以上属于带病提拔,有的一把手甚至带病在岗10年、20年,屡被提拔。 ”

 但现在这样的现实也在逐步改变,包括我们对一些基础学科的重视。拿清华来说,我们越来越重视科学基础研究,观念也在调整。我最近在清华校报《新清华》上我用笔名写了一篇文章叫做《园子里要有些这样的人》。我认为我们不要老是讲学霸,我们能不能多点“学痴 ”呢?这种人就很多已经奉为经典的东西都要问个“为什么 ”,其实这种人就是我们大学里要倡导的。

 Cui has been in the business for five years, and this is the first time she is selling her products outside Heilongjiang. Even though she has to pay a daily rent of 620 yuan ($98) for her stall at the fair, her candies fetch her nearly 4,000 yuan a day-a figure she didn't expect to reach, she says.

 And, other than food and customs, the fair has a large space for kids entertainment, where children can explore such activities as dancing, video games and virtual reality.


 In some senses, this notion of a shared future points in two directions. For Chinese leaders, it is a declaration of legitimate interests – as a fifth of humanity, as the world's second largest economy, as the world's third largest country in terms of size, China has to have a major voice, and be a large stakeholder, in discussing, framing, and then contributing to managing and solving global issues. In that sense, the notion of a statement of the obvious. A global issue will need China to be involved in it, otherwise it isn't global. And for that reason alone, China has a legitimate right to express its opinion, and to be heard. We have to remember that in some parts of modern history, that wasn't the case. China was listened to and wasn't heard. Now it certainly is.





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