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 The country will continue to adopt a prudent, neutral monetary policy and a proactive fiscal policy to maintain stable economic growth while taking forceful measures to ward off financial risks, according to the draft report, which was released to reporters ahead of the session.

 "After what happened in Philadelphia, the Cincinnati Art Museum and our staff have reached an agreement to take active actions in improving our security protocol and procedures to ensure the safety of our artifacts," said Qi Gaoquan, deputy director of the Bureau of Cultural Relics of Shaanxi province, who traveled to the museum for an inspection before the exhibition opens.

 "It was the morning of Dec 28, 2013. I was sitting reading a newspaper story for one of my friends intently at the hall, and suddenly I realized others turning their eyes to the direction across my head," said Liu, 74. "I turned back my head and saw President Xi Jinping approaching us."

 陈列平:在现在的宣传里,James Allison对肿瘤免疫的贡献有两个:一是他发明了CTLA-4抗体来治疗肿瘤,后来的临床实验证明对病人有效;二是他提出CTLA-4是第一个免疫检查点(immune checkpoint),而其他有免疫抑制作用的分子包括PD-1/PD-L1,都属于免疫检查点分子,都是在他之后发现的。

 "I was an art enthusiast as a teenager, but I had little chance of realizing my dream," he said. "After retiring four years ago, I began to take different classes here, including ballroom dancing and vocal music.

 1月12日,有两件事需要注意。一是十八届中纪委五次全会开幕,要开3天。另一件是习近平与县委书记们座谈,他们是中央党校第一期县委书记研修班学员。习近平与200名学员座谈并发表重要讲话,可不仅仅是向在场的人说话,而是要向全国2800多个县(市、区、旗)委书记释放信号。他向县委书记们释放了哪些信号呢 ?





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