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 Earlier on April 2, Luo Linquan, consul general at the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, traveled to UC-Davis to present the Belt and Road Initiative to faculty, staff and students at the invitation of the university's global affairs office.

 The Global Competitiveness Report ranking is based on the Global Competitiveness Index, which was introduced by the WEF in 2005. Defining competitiveness as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country, GCI scores are calculated by drawing together country-level data covering 12 categories - the pillars of competitiveness - that collectively make up a comprehensive picture of a country's competitiveness. The 12 pillars are: institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment, health and primary education, higher education and training, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, financial market development, technological readiness, market size, business sophistication and innovation.

 BANJUL -- The Gambian leader Adama Barrow on Tuesday urged his technocrats to work hard and learn from China in order to register a rapid socio-economic and infrastructural development for the west African country.

 BEIJING — The draft amendment to China's Constitution is scheduled to be submitted to the national legislature for deliberation Monday, which is expected to enshrine Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in the fundamental law.






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