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 Happiness comes with hard work. If Chinese people hold the spirit of working hard, we can achieve the goal of creating a better life, said Xi.

 "The East African countries that have seen remarkable improvements, such as Kenya and Ethiopia, host mega infrastructures partly funded and wholly developed by the Chinese. This has not only significantly bridged Africa's infrastructure deficit, but has strategically positioned these countries' economies to benefit from China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative," says Kagiri.

 What should California - the Golden State with a long history of business and cultural closeness with China - expect?

 Xi said measures would be taken to raise foreign-equity caps in the banking, securities and insurance industries, accelerate the opening-up of the insurance industry, ease restrictions on the establishment of foreign financial institutions in China, expand their business scope and open up more areas of cooperation between Chinese and foreign financial markets.

 The government has insisted that leaving the EU single market as well as the customs union are a key part of its Brexit strategy.






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