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 "Going forward, I will teach them more about fashion, and I have a plan to create a unique show that will be performed during the university's annual stage extravaganza," she added. "I believe they can perform perfectly."

 Are the two dreams compatible? Can the US and China both become “great again”, or must one succeed by forcing the other to fail?


 University trustees elected Shi, also president of the Westlake Institute for Advanced Study, as president together with vice-presidents Xu Tian and Qiu Min on Monday.

 In 2003, under the firm leadership of the Party and the government, the Chinese people, united as one, won a decisive victory in their combat against the severe acute respiratory syndrome pandemic. Learning a lesson from this experience, the government took comprehensive measures to improve public health services, and the prevention and control of serious diseases. Marked progress was made in the prevention and control system for serious diseases, in the response mechanism for public health emergencies, in the development of community healthcare services in rural and urban areas, and in the new-type rural cooperative medical care and basic medical insurance for urban residents.

 The highly anticipated contest follows the AI's 4-1 victory over South Korean Go master Lee Se-dol in March last year.





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