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 This language used by Chinese leaders therefore is part of a huge discussion, a global one, about how to create a valid public space in which people can still come together and try to frame understanding, and then potential solutions, to common problems. While talking about a shared vision of human destiny therefore seems to only accentuate positive things, at heart it is also about creating very practical ways of trying to achieve this. That involves the immense effort to prioritize issues, and to at least create common understanding about how they can be tackled.

 "Even for the first 100 moves it was the closest game we've ever seen anyone play against the upgraded version of AlphaGo," Demis Hassabis, chief executive of Google DeepMind, said at a postgame news conference.

 In some senses, this notion of a shared future points in two directions. For Chinese leaders, it is a declaration of legitimate interests – as a fifth of humanity, as the world's second largest economy, as the world's third largest country in terms of size, China has to have a major voice, and be a large stakeholder, in discussing, framing, and then contributing to managing and solving global issues. In that sense, the notion of a statement of the obvious. A global issue will need China to be involved in it, otherwise it isn't global. And for that reason alone, China has a legitimate right to express its opinion, and to be heard. We have to remember that in some parts of modern history, that wasn't the case. China was listened to and wasn't heard. Now it certainly is.

 这种现象的背后实际反映了中国“和平共处”和“宽以待人”的思想,相信“多一个朋友多一条路”,相信神佛之间也是和谐相处的,相信神佛都是慈悲为怀、宽容大度,不会因为我拜了别的佛就惩治我,这是一种真正的宗教思想的解放和自由。但对欧美 “非我即敌”的人来说简直不可理解,也很难接受,西方多少次宗教战争血流成河啊。





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