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 Although the mainland maintained its place as the largest market in size for the past three years and continues enjoying robust economic growth, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region made a significant leap up the ranks from ninth last year to sixth. It is now ahead of Sweden (seventh), the United Kingdom (eighth) and Japan (ninth).

 糟糕的业绩和一片惨淡的市场前景,让一度炙手可热的黑莓变得近乎一钱不值,曾经传出以每股9美元(总价47亿美元)收购黑莓的职业投资集团费尔法克斯金融公司(FairfaxFinancial Holdings)公司临阵退缩,连“贱卖”都没人买的“黑莓”最终不得不在去年11月炒掉执行长托尔斯滕。海因斯,以香港人程守宗取而代之。

 The Shanxi provincial department of environmental protection, along with the government of Linfen city, has sent a team of investigators to the county to investigate the case.

 In 2010, archaeologists Wu Xiujie and Liu Wu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published a review of hominid archaeological finds in China dating back to the 1970s. They argued that several discoveries - including human teeth found in the Zhiren Cave in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region - indicate that modern humans existed in China around 100,000 years ago.

 "It would be great for the government just to set the stage to let the market play," Tang said. "We use the US as an example - don't put so much emphasis on restrictions and limitations."

 在西方眼里,俄罗斯是未教化好的同类中的异类,是冷战的失败者,中国是东方古老文明之重要代表,同时又充满现代的未知。因为中华文明是人类古老文明中少有的未被西方征服的,西方从内心一直是尊重中国的,近代以来自以为是才犯晕。主持人――德国墨卡托中国研究中心总裁韩博天(Sebastian Heilmann)教授开场劈头盖脸问主讲者――全国人大外事委员会主任傅莹大使,“以亚投行、一带一路为标志,中国为何在建立与现行国际秩序平行的秩序?”





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