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 Pointing to the 140,000 Chinese nationals studying at Australian universities, he said: "The great majority are excellent students. They also contribute a lot of money to our university system. Are we going to put it at risk?"

 As we enter the Year of the Dog, one can't help but wish that dog owners in China improve their social responsibility and not let their dogs be a public nuisance.

 Qian Jiannong, senior vice president of Fosun International Limited, investor of the first Atlantis resort in China, has high hopes of Hainan's future.

 He confirmed the League's political path would remain within the center-right, dismissing any chance of a possible alliance with populist M5S to form a government.

 He added the party would work in order to try to form a government "with those forces that agree on the center-right's program."

 Be responsible dog owners and make the Year of the Dog free of dog nuisance! There are no bad dogs, only plenty of bad dog owners! Hope that changes in the Year of the Dog!





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