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 The rich countries boast the largest number of the biggest multinational corporations (MNCs), like Apple, McDonald's and IKEA. These MNCs have operations overseas, where operation costs are lower, to jack up their profits and then remit back the lion's share of that, leaving the assembly line workers in developing countries with only crumbs.

 英国《每日邮报》去年在评论中国游客 “节礼日大抢购”时无序表现时坦率指出,部分东道主商家不仅想方设法招徕出手大方的中国客人,还特别营造抢购的氛围,制造一些刺激消费欲的噱头,中国人在其商店、柜台上的 “挤”和 “抢”,其实未必不是这些嘴上抱怨不断的商人们所乐意看到的。不仅如此,一些 “挤”和 “抢”其实根本就是很正常的,如圣诞-新年消费周各主要商场的拥挤和争抢,本就是欧美的传统习惯,只是如今多了远道而来的中国人,而后者又对在西方购物充满好奇心,用新闻照片和电视镜头刻意渲染 “中国人在抢购”,其实是有些片面的。

 "As a diversified enterprise, logistics is one of the largest sectors at HNA Group. The collaboration with a Singaporean company will help HNA to expand its global logistics coverage," Li Xiaojin, a professor of aviation economics at Civil Aviation University in Tianjin, said.

 In particular, Washington's protectionist pivot is not only worrying, but damaging as well. Over the past year or so, it has tried to bully its trading partners into making concessions by wielding the big stick of punitive tariffs. What's more, the so-called "America First" doctrine touted by US President Donald Trump in Davos in January poses a serious challenge to the rules-based multilateral trading system once established by Washington itself.

 很多人不明白:有雷政富的覆辙在先,福州的这些官员们为何还是管不住自己的下半身?其实这事儿容易解释。老祖宗早就明言:饮食男女,人之大欲存焉。 “坐怀不乱”从来都是传说,美色当前,英雄如吴王夫差、三国吕布者,照样气短。

 "He even directly gave me money three times when he knew I was in urgent need," she said, adding that he never accepted any reward or repayment.





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